Tales of Vesperia Might Be Getting A 10th Anniversary Remaster



Tales of Vesperia is perhaps one of the most popular entries in the massively popular Tales series of JRPGs. It is also the only game in the series to ever be released on an Xbox console, and fans of the game have been desperately awaiting a chance to play the game all over again. And now, they might finally get the opportunity.

Through some snooping of their own, Gematsu has discovered a website with the link tov10th.tales-ch.jp. It is a password protected site whose URL seems to be an abbreviation for “Tales of Vesperia 10th”.

Now that alone doesn’t seem to say much, but Gematsu has also heard from other sources that a remaster of the game is actually in production in celebration for the game’s 10th anniversary, which will fall on 8th August, 2018.

The website goes on to report that publisher Bandai Namco will officially announce the game during E3 2018, which is just a few days away now.

Tales of Vesperia has long been one of the most requested titles from fans for the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility program, and this remaster could also explain why it never actually came to the program. Hopefully the remaster will make it’s way to all modern consoles, including the Nintendo Switch


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