Teaser Trailer Leaked For Rage 2



Just a few days after Walmart Canada accidentally leaked a bunch of retail listings of games that could have potentially been announced at E3 2018, one of which was Rage 2, developer Bethesda took to Twitter to tweet out a bunch of cryptic images that hinted towards an official announcement for the game.

Now a brand new leak has hit the internet, and this time it’s for Rage 2’s official teaser trailer. The short clip, seen below, hit Youtube today, and Bethesda has been actively working towards having it removed from the platform. But thankfully, Twitter personality Wario64 managed to clip it.

The teaser features some of the very same characters seen in the images that Bethesda has been tweeting about, as well as the same distinctly pink color that was also edited into real world locations like Big Ben in the very same images. Two of them even hinted towards the numbers 5 and 14, which many have speculated pointed towards an official announcement today.

Perhaps this leak was not a leak at all and Bethesda intended to release the teaser in the first place, or maybe we might be getting an official press release later in the day.

We will continue to update the story as new information is released.


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