The Division 2: Here’s Why You Can’t Level Up Control Points



If you’re playing the The Division 2 right now, you might have learned that one of the best way to grind for Blueprints in the game is to attempt enemy Control Points that have been sufficiently leveled up.

You might have heard elsewhere how to Level them up by completing Events linked to them, but might be confused as to why these events don’t show up linked for you.

Well, what a lot of people have failed to mention when talking about this subject, is that you actually need to have reached World Tier 4 before that actually happens for you.

I was confused about this myself, and it was only after completing all three of the initial Invaded Strongholds that this option showed up for me.

So don’t worry about it now, and grind to World Tier 4 before you start hunting for Blueprints.

Once there though, you should try and look for the coveted Vector Submachine Gun Blueprints. They’re pretty good.


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