The Division 2: When Will The Raid Be Released?



Update: The raid has now been delayed to May. An exact date has not been specified.

So if you’ve been playing The Division 2 for any length of time, you’ll know that everyone is looking forward to the upcoming 8 person raids that are new to this sequel.

And the very first of these raids, Operation Dark Hours, is set to release on April 25th, just 10 days away from now.

To be able to participate in this raid players will have to have completed all of the invaded Strongholds in the game, including the new Tidal Basin which was released on April 5th, and have reached World Tier 5 and have the adequate Gear Score.

Now the exact Gear Score needed has not been specified as of yet, but we expect it to be around 475. And just in case this prediction is wrong, you can go ahead and grind to the current soft cap of 500. You can exceed this slightly, but it’s going to take a lot of time to do so.

This raid is also expected to be the hardest content so far for The Division 2, so players should make sure that they’re ready in time.

And once this raid does drop, we expect it to come with a few new Exotic weapons. New Gear Sets are also expected to arrive with the raid, but nothing has been confirmed.U


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