The Division 2: Use Sniper Rifles Without Scopes



While each of the 7 base weapon types in The Division 2 adequately serve their purpose in the game, there are some that are just clearly better at dealing damage than others.

And the best of all of these weapon types in that regard, are the Sniper Rifles. (or the Marksman Rifles as they are known in the game).

While not exactly all that versatile with the default 8x Scopes that come attached to them by default, which really narrow your vision when looking down the scopes, removing them and replacing them with other sights like the Iron Sights or the Reflex Sights will give you a weapon that not only deals really high damage, but is also useful at both long and mid range.

Without having to look down the larger Scopes every single time you want to take a shot, the Sniper Rifles can now basically function as regular rifles that just take slightly longer to fire. But the high damage is absolutely worth it, and it might take some players a bit of time to get used to using them at longer range, but the high accuracy is also very useful.

Trust me on this, and you’ll be one-shotting enemies in no time. The basic the Division 2 rifles