The Division 2: How To Get Dark Zone Keys



In order to get their hands on some of the very best loot available in The Division 2, players need to venture into one of the game’s three distinct Dark Zones.

And while you can find valuable loot on any enemy in these areas, the most desirable weapons and gear are almost always found in the the Dark Zone chests scattered around the map. These large chests are hidden all over, and can be opened either with a Dark Zone Key, or by lock-picking them.

And lock-picking these chests has a negative effect associated with them, namely that you go rogue and become a target for both SHD agents and the invincible turrets found at Dark Zone checkpoints.

Now this method is a very viable way to unlock these chests, but choosing to not go rogue and collect Dark Zone Keys instead to unlock them instead is a very good way to escape unnecessary ire from other agents.

division dark zone keys

Top get these keys, you simply have to head to one of the numerous different landmarks in the Dark Zones and engage the enemies found there, clearing it in the process. And the named ‘Elite’ enemies you encounter here will often times drop a Dark Zone key. It’s not always guaranteed, so you might need to clear a few different checkpoints.

The other way to get Dark Zone keys is to kill other players who might be carrying them, since they drop them, and all the other loot they’re carrying, upon death.

Now obviously the implications of going rogue to attack other SHD agents for these keys is pretty obvious especially when you’re getting these keys to avoid going rogue to begin with, but you can always commit enough rogue actions to unlock access to the Thieves Den, removing your rogue status all together.


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