Latest Vampyr Trailer Shows Us How You Become The Monster



Developer DONTNOD Entertainment has just released a brand new trailer for their upcoming game Vampyr, and this time we get to take a closer look at some of the more darker aspects of the protagonist’s vampirism.

The trailer, seen below, shows us how the protagonist Jonathan Reid will interact with the citizens of the game’s fictional London. He needs to drink their blood not only to heal, but also to grow stronger and enhance his vampire powers.

But the trailer also takes a look at the morality of Jonathan Reid. He is a doctor, sworn to take care of the citizens of his city in the wake of the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic, and yet his desire to consume their blood presents a certain level of conflict for his character.

That is the balance that players will have to maintain in Vampyr. You need to drink blood to grow stronger and defeat enemies, but doing so carelessly could cause entire districts of London to collapse and become inaccessible to the player.

As publisher Focus Home Interactive  puts it:

The question is less “Do I kill?” than “Who do I kill?”

We also get to take a look at some of the game’s combat in the trailer, which while isn’t the most polished I’ve ever seen, shows Jonathan using a variety of both ranged and melee attacks to decimate his foes.

Vampyr is set to release on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the PC on 5th June, 2018


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