The Weapon Brands of Cyberpunk 2077



Corporations rule the world in Cyberpunk 2077. This is a fact that is not only true in the upcoming game by CD Projekt Red, but also in the pen and paper RPG the game is based on, Cyberpunk 2020.

These are worldwide conglomerates that are as corrupt as they are influential, and they are involved in nearly every facet of the world in Cyberpunk. They control the media, they run personal mercenary outfits, they own the farmlands, they make children’s toys, they manufacture the cybernetics you have and more importantly, they make the weapons you use.

And there are quite a few different weapon manufacturers in Cyberpunk 2020, some of which have been confirmed to show up in the game. In the official trailer for the game that was revealed at E3 2018, we saw a few of these corporations and their weapons.

First up is Militech, which not only showed up in the trailer, but was also confirmed by multiple different people that got to see the behind-closed-doors demo at E3 2018 as having a part to play in the game’s story. (One such source for that is here).

To the left is a weapon by Militech known as a Magrail, and on the right is a much heavier weapon by the same manufacturer that sort of looks like a sniper rifle or a really large DMR.

Even the Spider-Bot we see in the trailer is by Militech.

Next up is Arasaka, another corporation that is involved in weapon manufacturing. We didn’t actually see any specific weapons by them in the trailer, but the shot below confirms that they will be in the game.

There’s also this one shot in the trailer where a bunch of weapons can be seen in a Taxi, and while some of them are Magrails, one SMG type weapon held by the figure to the far left has something different written on it.

The text on the gun reads “Kang Tao”, and there does seem to be a pistol in Cyberpunk 2020 named the Kang Tao Type 97, so perhaps this is another weapon by the same manufacturer.

What other manufacturers will appear in the game? Will we see the Taiwanese based Tsunami Arms, Dynatech Industries, Malorian Arms or even Kendachi and their Mono-Weapons? Because the more manufacturers that show up, the more choice players will have in building their arsenal.

And until CD Projekt Red decides to reveal more information about Cyberpunk 2077, we won’t be able to know.


CD Projekt Red has just released a lengthy 48 minute demo for the game, and the following frames from said demo confirm some of the weapon brands mentioned above.


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