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Highly Pixelated is looking for writers.

Who we are:

Highly Pixelated is a brand new website that covers everything from the world of video games. We cover news, reviews, guides and even the occasional feature articles. You can read more about us here.

And since the website is still brand new, we’re also in need of writers that have a passion for both writing and games, and can bring their own unique flair to the publication.


Who we’re looking for:

Have a good grasp of the English language? Up to date on the state of the industry and the most recent gaming news? Need a platform to write about your opinions? Then we’re looking for you.

We need writers that can write timely news articles and cover games for us, while at the same time be able to come up with pitches for long-term feature articles.

We also don’t care if you’re a complete newbie at this sort of thing. If you’re willing to learn from us, then we’re willing to teach you.

It’s also preferred if you can meet some of the following criteria:

  • The ability to write a minimum of four articles a week.
  • To scour the web and hunt down worthwhile news.
  • Meet deadlines for reviews (if given a game to review).
  • An active social media presence (not necessary in the least).



At Highly Pixelated we don’t believe in unpaid work, and “Exposure” is not a currency we recognize. If you put in the time and effort to write for us, we will compensate you.

As mentioned above, our site is still in it’s infancy stage and does not generate a lot of revenue. But if your articles on our site get views, you will receive a percentage of any revenue generated by them. There is no target you have to meet, and we will never force you to sensationalize your work for views.

You can also get compensated with game codes, for which you will be obligated to provide reviews of course.


How to apply:

If everything you’ve read so far interests you, then reach out at Admin@highlypixelated.com with a sample of your writing.

Links to any of your previously published articles, or personal blogs will also be appreciated.


Thanks for your time, and good luck!

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